Anglican Episcopal Church
United States of America


Welcome to the AEC

  The Anglican Episcopal Church is an Christian organization of churches throughout the United States centered in the Anglican tradition but embracing a traditional and conservative theology and practice. Among these practices are:

  Our worship is liturgical for similar reasons.  We believe that worship should be a reverent response to the character of the true and living God, and that it ought therefore to reflect carefully God's revelation of Himself in Scripture.  Our worship services therefore are carefully and thoughtfully prepared celebrations of God as revealed in the Bible.

   The AEC is a Christian community that emphasizes the authority of Scripture, reverent, Biblically informed worship, and fellowship that is caring, supportive, and challenging.  We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God, authoritative in matters of faith and morals, and we interpret the Bible in light of the historic teachings of the Church; 'what has always, everywhere, and by all been believed'.  In addition to the teaching and study of the Word of God, we place great value on the celebration of the sacraments ordained by Jesus to be both a memorial and a means of grace to His people.  All are welcome to attend our services, and we invite all baptized Christians who receive Holy Communion in their own churches to receive the sacrament in our congregations.